Remembering Dr. Rodney Andrew

Dr. Rodney Andrew

It is with deep sorrow and profound sadness that we announce the passing of our greatest role model – Dr. Rodney Frederick Andrew, Clinical Professor for over twenty-five years, and recipient of the 2016 Family Physician of the Year award.

Rod was an amazing person.  A superb doctor and teacher. He was generous, warm and welcoming.  In my first week at UBC, I visited St. Paul’s and the IMG program and Rod was there to greet me.  We soon established that we had trained at the same medical school and the friendship started with tales of professors and teachers from our joint background.  I learnt about his long-standing commitment to teaching and the issues of inner city practice.  He was such a gentleman, always listening to others but at the same time determined to move things forward.  The UBC Family Practice IMG program is one of the best in the country because of Rod’s leadership.  The UBC Department of Family Practice and the Postgraduate Program owe Rod a huge debt of gratitude for all he did.


Martin Dawes, Head, Family Practice

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