Centre for Rural Health Research releases film about birthing in rural communities

In BC alone, more than 1,000 rural women a year must travel more than 100 kilometers to give birth. This causes stress and anxiety and, in some instances, adverse maternal and newborn outcomes. Women who have to travel more than 4 hours have more than a three times higher rate of perinatal mortality. Where was […]

Improving maternal health at home and abroad – Cathy Ellis

Improving maternal health at home and abroad – Cathy Ellis

Cathy Ellis, a senior instructor with UBC’s four-year Midwifery program has devoted her career to improving maternal health in countries around the world, including Mexico, Kosovo, Zambia, Uganda, and Nepal. In 2005, she established UBC’s Students for Global Citizenship- an initiative that offers UBC midwifery students an opportunity to participate in global practicums in low-resource […]

Three faculty members recipients of the CIHR and MSFHR Research Awards

Three faculty members are recipients of research awards in the Department of Family Practice.  They are: Dr. Joanie Sims Gould, Associate Professor, Department of Family Practice, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, for her project, “Choose to Move: Impact and Implementation Evaluation of a Program to Enhance Older Adult Physical Activity, Mobility and Health” (CIHR)   Read […]

A Little Respect: Saraswathi Vedam on Reducing Over-Intervention in Maternal Care Through More Autonomy

Governments and health organizations have made remarkable gains in reducing maternal mortality and morbidity rates around the world.  Much of those gains have been driven by increasing capacity, directing more women in hospitals and clinics to ensure they get modern medical care.  Increasingly, however, experts are realizing that this push has brought challenges of its […]