Dr. Wendy V. Norman, the 2012 MSFHR Career Investigator Award competition winner

Congratulations to Dr. Wendy V. Norman, who has won the 2012 MSFHR Career Investigator Award competition.

MSFHR Career Investigator Award competition is a spectacular award recognizing exceptional scholarship and potential. Wendy has been undertaking this research and gaining research grants from national granting agencies for several years without personal financial support. This award is one of the highest research awards in the country and we are delighted that one of our clinical faculty has received this.

Quoted from Dr. Norman upon receiving this award:

“The Department of Family Practice has been instrumental in preparing me, and guiding my progress, toward attaining this significant award.  The Research Office was key in this regard, in particular our former Director of Research Dr. Janusz Kaczorowski and the director of the Clinician Scholar program Dr. Michael Klein.   In addition, I have had a rapid learning curve which was guided by coaching and mentorship from department members Drs. Martin Dawes, Jude Kornelson, Shafik Dharamsi,  Ian Scott, Joanna Bates, Karim Khan, Bob Woollard, fellow clinician scholars and a number of key collaborators and mentors within UBC and across Canada.

Success in attaining this prestigious support for family medicine research is a direct result of the commitment of our department to supporting research, and to providing an environment encouraging creativity and innovation. My patient care and teaching at UBC thrives from the research that I do, and equally my research and teaching are guided by my clinical experience with patients.  UBC Department of Family Practice has made this ideal combination possible.”