Dr. Wendy Norman discusses Contraceptive Research with CBC Radio on Nov 26

Last month the manufacturers of the European morning-after contraceptive,Norlevo, announced that their packaging would be changed to include a warning that the pill is not effective for women above 175 pounds, or 79 kilograms.

The Canadian morning after pill, Plan B, is identical to Norlevo in formulation, but does not include the warning.

Dr. Wendy Norman leads the Canadian Contraception Access Research Team, and is a family physician.

She says that, though she has questions regarding the Norlevo warning,  the scientific evidence has shown that efficacy for all types of oral contraception decreases as Body Mass Indez (BMI) increases.

Go to http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/2013/11/26/should-canadian-oral-contaceptives-carry-warnings/ , click Listen for details.