Dr. Martin Dawes discusses Genetic Testing on CKNW

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Genetic testing firm to open in B.C…..But are we ready for the results?

(L-R) Dr. Martin Dawes, Head, Family Practice and Mr. Chris Phillips, Research Participant

Genetic testing used to be a service only offered by foreign companies, such as 23andMe, but now a Richmond-based company is looking to change that.  According to a front page article in the Vancouver Sun, a genetic testing company called Genome Me is looking to become the first direct-to-consumer Canadian company of its kind.  Genome Me will test saliva samples sent in by individuals seeking personalized reports predicting which diseases and traits they may inherit, cancers they’re susceptible to, and even prescription medications they either shouldn’t take or use in different dosages.  Dr. Martin Dawes, Head of Family Practice, at the University of British Columbia, spoke to Simi Sara, CKNW 980, about the research project he and his team are involved in where they explore the use of genetic testing for safer medication prescribing.