Dr. Olivia Tseng receives the Roman M. Babicki Fellowship

FullSizeRenderOlivia Tseng a PhD candidate with UBC’s Interdisciplinary Oncology Program, and a practicing family physician has been awarded a Roman M. Babicki Fellowship. This award is given out annually to support doctoral candidates undertaking cancer research at UBC.

Dr. Tseng’s project is focused on bone health for women diagnosed with breast cancer in primary care settings. Breast cancer is the most common female cancer. It affects one in 8 eight women in their life time. Advanced breast cancer treatments help women to survive from breast cancer or remain cancer-free for years. However, breast cancer treatment also results in late and long-term side effects, such as osteoporosis. Family physicians play a critical role in preventing, screening for and managing the late and long-term side effects associated with cancer treatments. Dr. Tseng is examining the effect of certain breast cancer treatments on fracture rates and potential interventions to improve bone health management for breast cancer women.

Dr. Tseng was awarded the Lloyd Jones Collins Research award during her family medicine residency training and nominated by UBC for the 2011 national resident research award. Dr. Tseng also received the TELUS-Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Fellowship in 2013.