College of Family Physicians of Canada and BC College Award Winners Announced

The College of Family Physicians of Canada and the BC College of Family Physicians recently announced the following award winners:

  • 2016 Researcher, Dr. Keith Ahamad, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 2016 Reg L. Perkin Award for Family Physician of the Year (BC), Dr. Rodney Andrew, Clinical Professor
  • 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award in Family Medicine Research, Dr. Joanna Bates, Professor
  • 2016 Team Award (Clinical Education and Training) for Intensive Preceptorship in HIV/AIDS, Dr. Silvia Guillemi, Clinical Professor
  • 2016 Rural Family Physician, Dr. Charles Helm, Clinical Instructor
  • 2016 Award for Exceptional Contribution in Family Medicine, Dr. Angela Lee, Clinical Instructor
  • 2016 Teacher, Dr. Ashnoor Nagji, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 2016 Calvin L. Gutkin Family Medicine Ambassador Award, Dr. Louise Nasmith, Professor
  • 2016 Patient’s Medical Home Caring and Compassion Grant, Dr. Daniel Ngui, Clinical Associate Professor
  • 2016 Mimi Divinsky Award for History and Narrative in Family Medicine, Dr. Martina Scholtens, Clinical Instructor
  • 2016 Exceptional Contribution in Family Medicine, Dr. Ted Rosenberg, Clinical Instructor
  • 2016 Community Family Physician, Dr. Leo Wong, Clinical Instructor

2016 Life Members

  • Dr. Warren Bell, Clinical Instructor
  • Dr. Duncan Etches, Clinical Professor
  • Dr. Frank Hou, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Dr. Azim Jiwani, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Dr. Christopher Lam, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Dr. Peggy Lunderville, Clinical Instructor
  • Dr. Keith Phillips, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sharon Salloum, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Dr. Andrew Sear, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Dale Stogryn, Clinical Professor
  • Dr. Richard Wadge, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Robert Woollard, Professor

Congratulations to all Award Winners!