Elder – Indigenous Health Co-Lead, Postgraduate Department, Department of Family Practice


The Postgraduate Program of the Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia, invites applications from the indigenous community for the position of Elder – Indigenous Health Co-Lead in the Postgraduate Residency Program.

The Elder provides counsel to the Postgraduate Family Medicine Program in addressing program issues for effective and culturally sensitive engagement with Indigenous communities throughout our residency sites in B.C.

The successful candidate must have community connections, knowledge of land based education and is connected to Indigenous knowledge keepers.  On top of it, the candidate should demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

The responsibilities of the incumbent include:

  1. Assists site directors and curriculum faculty in effective engagement with local and remote Indigenous communities so that all our residents can attain the competencies in Indigenous Health as outlined in the CFPC RED BOOK requirement.
  2. Assist in faculty development so that program leaders are prepared to model and lead with cultural safety and sensitivity.
  3. Work with curriculum faculty in updating and reviewing Indigenous competency objectives.
  4. Assist the Indigenous co-lead faculty in meeting the requirements for this position.
  5. Assist in facilitating appropriate electives and outreach experiences in Indigenous Health for Family Medicine residents.
  6. Attends three in person PGEC meetings/year (4 hours/meeting)
  7. Attends site director and lead faculty meetings as requested to discuss issues around Indigenous Health competencies and community engagement.