The Department of Family Practice exists to improve the health of the people of British Columbia.

We have over 4,000 academic and clinical faculty members working in 20 sites across the province to ensure more people have access to medical care that has continuity, is comprehensive, and serves community needs.

Academic and clinical faculty members mentor and supervise medical students in family practice offices and midwifery clinics. They train doctors to become family physicians through residency programs. Furthermore, they help family physicians become better teachers through continuing professional development.

Our faculty are also developing new knowledge to improve primary care. Family physicians who undertake clinical research are supported by scholarships, awards, and training opportunities. We want UBC’s network of family physicians, midwives, teachers, and researchers who work with patients to create a world class centre for community-based primary care research.


Robert J. Petrella, MD, PhD, FCFP (SEM, COE), FACSM
Head, Department of Family Practice


Welcome to the Department of Family Practice