Active Research Recruitment

Survey Opportunity (1) E-Cigarettes: A National Survey of Canadian Physicians

We are conducting a study on Canadian physician knowledge, attitudes, and counseling practices with regard to E-cigarettes. It has been estimated that 9% of all Canadians aged 15 and older have tried E-cigarettes. These products are marketed by E-cigarette companies as being as harmless as “steam from your shower”. With the current unknown long-term health effects of e-cigarettes and lack of widely accepted guidelines, we feel that it is essential to determine the e-cigarette knowledge as well as counseling practices of Canadian physicians who treat tobacco related diseases and counsel patients on tobacco cessation.
Please complete this 1-3 minute survey and let us know what you think!
Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and all data collected will be kept anonymous and cannot identify you in any way. Returning a completed survey will be taken as implied consent. If you feel uncomfortable answering any particular question, it may be skipped.
To participate click the survey link here:  E-Cigarettes: A National Survey of Canadian Physicians
Joel Howlett MD Joshua Gurberg MDCM, FRCSC Samantha Balass MDCM, FCCP
PGY-2, Otolaryngology Pediatric Otolaryngology fellow Family Physician
Head and Neck Surgery Boston Children’s Hospital
University of British Columbia Harvard Medical School

Survey Opportunity (2) User Interface Design for a Genomic Clinical Decision Support System

We are inviting primary care physicians, with experience in managing patients with geriatric frailty, to participate in a user interface design study.  We are exploring how experts envision the future of electronic records that have embedded ‘omic data and how they work to support primary care.  This study is part of a Ph.D. project carried out at the University of British Columbia (Island Medical Program) under the supervision of Dr. Morgan Price.  This research explores one of the critical challenges for personalized medicine: how to manage the enormous volume and complexity of the human genome in a busy clinical setting, such as primary care.
We are seeking participants that fulfill the following study eligibility criteria:
  • Primary care physician
  • Experience in managing patients with geriatric frailty
  • Have experience using at least one electronic medical record system at the point of care
Your participation in the study will consist of one interview session that will take approximately 60 minutes of your time.  In the session, we will ask you to review a novel design for an electronic medical record system that includes genomic information. You will complete usability testing on the prototype and provide us feedback on how to improve the design.
We will be able to compensate you at $100Cdn/hr for your time.
Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. If you consent to participate in this study, your identity will be kept confidential.
If you have any questions or if you are interested in participating in this study, please reply to the researcher, Iryna Davies ( or the Ph.D. supervisor, Dr. Morgan Price (
Thank you for your consideration to help us with this study.
Iryna Davies
Ph.D. Student, Experimental Medicine Program, UBC
Morgan Price, MD, PhD, CCFP, FCFP
Associate Professor, UBC Family Medicine, Island Medical Program