Department on ResearchGate

Our Department is now on ResearchGate ! Please join us at ResearchGate , the professional network for scientists and researchers where you can connect with other researchers and easily share, discover, use, and distribute findings. It also assists researchers by providing feedback and encourages open discussion and evaluation of researchers work.    

Dr. Jack Taunton has been recognized as one of the 50 Inspiring Alumni

SFU is having its 50th Anniversary and they are recognizing 50 Inspiring Alumni. Our Department faculty member, Dr. Jack Taunton has received this honor.  Dr. Taunton co-founded the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre at UBC, he maintains an active sports medicine practice and conducts clinical and exercise medicine research with a focus on overuse injuries and injury […]

Connecting First Nations to The World

Connecting First Nations to The World

Watch the video to see how Pathways to Technology initiative is to connect First Nations communities to the world.

Gina Ogilvie – 2014 BCCFP Researcher of The Year , and Martin Dawes – The Nomination

Each year the BCCFP and CFPC honour and recognize family physicians who have achieved excellence. These members exemplify the best of what being a family physician is all about, including exceptional care of patients combined with a significant contribution to the health and well-being of communities and/or society in general. Dr. Gina Ogilvie of our […]