Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program administers all Family Practice courses for UBC undergraduate medical students.

Our program consists of three main components:

  1. Family Practice Continuum (1st & 2nd year)
    Students participate in the office practice of active family physicians and learn first-hand about family medicine. Positions are throughout the province.
  2. Rural Family Practice Clerkship (3rd year)
    Students gain clinical experience by working one-on-one with a rural physician at a remote location for four weeks. Positions are throughout the province.
  3. Family Practice Electives (4th year)
    Students choose from a variety of family practice rotations across the Lower Mainland and throughout the province.


Postgraduate Program

The UBC Family Practice Residency Program is resourced, coordinated, and supported through the Department of Family Practice. It is a two-year program accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

We use a distributed model of education, whereby training is delivered at 19 sites across British Columbia, ranging from large urban centres to rural regions.

Residents prepare for evidence-based practice by gaining direct experience working in hospital and community-based settings, and by engaging in a wide variety of scholarly activities.


Midwifery Program

UBC offers the only Midwifery Program in western Canada. The program functions as an independent unit within the Department of Family Practice.

Students complete several clinical placements across the province, including at least one placement in a rural setting. The four-year undergraduate degree prepares graduates for direct entry into midwifery practice.

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