The Innovation Support Unit (ISU) was established to connect, engage, and partner with those who are actively involved in innovation in community-situated, team-based care in BC.

We are working collaboratively with others at UBC and our partners, being guided by their needs, to help them explore how to create teams and how to evaluate their community-situated team-based care projects.

The Innovation Support Unit is here to help, focusing currently on primary care and team-based primary care projects in BC. Contact us if you want to learn more about what we can offer.

Benefits and Activities of the ISU

Connect and Learn

Design your Team

Plan your Evaluation

The ISU is supporting a collaborative community on team-based care. We are running a series of webinars on team-based care. These monthly, one hour sessions are designed to address questions from the community related to real issues that need to be addressed as teams are being developed. The community already includes providers, divisions of family practice, decision makers, health regions, and academics. The ISU is developing an approach that will help groups developing teams (patient medical homes / primary care networks) consider service needs for their populations. We are also developing an interactive workshop to help you consider how your team could be structured to meet those needs in your community. The ISU is discussing with researchers, projects, and the Ministry of Health on how to develop an adaptable evaluation framework that will help you plan evaluations for your project. The framework aims to provide advice for a feasible evaluation that both helps you improve as you adopt a team based care approach over time and evaluate outcomes that align with current goals of the patient medical home.

ISU Webinars on Team-based Care

The ISU has published a number of videos from our 2018 webinar series on team-based care.


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