Upcoming Awards

Nominations for the awards listed below are now open for staff, clinical faculty and faculty within the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Canadian Association for Medical Education
    • Ian Hart Award for Distinguished Contribution to Medical Education
    • Meridith Marks New Educator Award
    • CAME Rising Star – Certificate of Excellence
    • Certificate of Merit Awards
  • Canadian Medical Association
    • Award for Young Leaders (two awards are given each year in each of these categories: Student, Resident, Early-Career Physician)
    • Dr. Ashok Muzumdar Memorial Award for Physicians with Disabilities
    • Dr. Brian Brodie Organizational Leadership Development Award (two awards, one student, one resident)
    • Dr. Léo-Paul Landry Medal of Service (formerly Medal of Service)
    • Dr. William Marsden Award in Medical Ethics and Professionalism
    • F.N.G. Starr Award
    • John McCrae Memorial Medal
    • May Cohen Award for Women Mentors
    • Owen Adams Award of Honour
    • Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Advocacy
  • Society of Rural Physicians of Canada
    • Rural Community Impact Award
    • Rural Heart Award
    • Rural Health Champion Award
    • Rural Leadership Award
    • Rural Mentorship Award
    • Rural Specialist Merit Award
    • Student / Resident Leadership Award
  • Applegarth Staff Service Award
  • Dean’s Staff Awards (NEW)
  • Excellence in Mentoring Early Career Faculty
  • Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching
  • Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Leadership/Service (NEW)
  • Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Mentorship (NEW)
  • Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Research (NEW)
  • Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness (NEW)
  • Bill and Marilyn Webber Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Distinguished Service to CME-CPD Award
  • Innovation in CME-CPD Award

Nominations are due by Friday, Jun 25th.

For more information on eligibility and the nomination process, please visit the following links:

Dr. Gary Gibson Lambda Foundation Award – UBC, St Paul’s Hospital

The award was established in honour of Dr. Gary Gibson who inspired many through his care of all people including patients with HIV/AIDS in Southern Ontario and Coastal British Columbia. He worked at St. Paul’s Hospital from 1999 and served on the board of the Lambda Scholarship Foundation. The ideal candidate for this award is involved in research related to queer people and health. Candidates must include a strong case for why their research will be a competitive contender for publication. Finally, candidates must state in their applications how outcomes will be promoted, shared, incorporated and possibly applied in the communities in which it will be conducted. The award is open to all UBC Family Medicine second-year residents (R2) at any Family Practice Residency Site/Location who have completed, or will shortly complete, a resident research project.


One award of $1,000 will be awarded every year in JUNE to the successful Family Medicine resident research project. Where the winning project has more than one resident author, the award will be shared equally.


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